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Destination Nowhere,Or the Road to nowhere.

October 4, 2015

Life and times

So as I struggled out of bed on a saturday morning ready to head to Brighton for Cardiff City,s game at the delightfully named ” Amex stadium ” Wow and who said romance is dead ?

I would have had no idea of the nightmare that was to unfold.

A good friend from the old hooligan days picked me and the youngest lad up just after 9 and we headed eatwards along the M4.The 2 kids in the back discussed minecraft as we talked black box recorders and designer clothing.

How very bourgeoisie.Lunch was taken in KFC Membury services,I didnt find it finger licking good or did I enjoy the secret recipe,Is it racism ?

As we approached the Newbury interchange we were warned of delays westbound,Hiowever nothing could have prepared us for the tailback that ensued.

Literally half a mile onwards we realised our momentous mistake.

The accident,an oil spill…

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