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Libertarian homesick blues,Edward Snowden,A man out of time ?

October 7, 2015

After recently watching the BBC Panorama documentary with Edward Snowden I couldn’t help but be struck by the similarities between Snowden,s current situation and earlier cold war warriors such as Kim Philby.

Obviously the situation and modus operatus are somewhat different.

Gaberdine raincoats have been replaced by Algorithms,Long drawn out hours under a east Berlin street lamp replaced by a shift at the computer monitor.

Snowden throughout all this has protested his innocence to spying and treachery charges levelled at him from both sides of the Atlantic.

And of course why shouldn’t he ?Loyalty to a flag is a concept I was and have never been quite comfortable with.

The opportunity to misuse that loyalty and bend the morals and ideals is to great.

The original ideals of the founding fathers and signatories to the declaration of American independence seem way back in the mists of time.

This gung ho attitude has become more prevalent in recent years.Loyalty seems to be a one way street and I am reminded of earlier centuries which one would have hoped we had escaped from ? Empire is concept best left in the past but constantly revived for reasons of money and power as is usually the case.

Sadly we,The average ” G.I jOE ” rarely share in the bounty.

Both Snowden and Philby were both concerned with the spread of evil and acted accordingly.

Both Snowden and Philby were decried as traitors to their countries

Philby died in Moscow,It is likely Snowden will as well.

So who levels these accusations of treachery?Usually it is those closest to the perpetrators.Both Snowden and Philby were a part of the establishment they decided to call time on.This will and has caused embarrassment to the ex spying friends who previously colluded   in the dark arts of espionage.Being let down by your best buddy is always painful.

Both Snowden and Philby equate their situations to a fight against fascism,one political the other technological.

The over used but relevant quote of ” One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter ” is both succinct and apt.

The origins of which can be found here

Snowden unlike Philby seems to have no great political ideal to rally with or against,He is no enemy within or Commie.

He took the decision  to go public over what G.C.H.Q and the N.S.A describe as viable intelligence gathering.However it appears that a lot of this intelligence gathering is aimed at the people of said countries and friendly governments.

Im sure Angela Merkle would argue that she is not a security threat to the U.S or U.K.

Snowdens motivations were to whistle blow on a somewhat corrupt system,The people accusing him are therefore in no just position to attack ,yet of course they will as they feel foolish and that their guard has been dropped and what is meant never to be seen is clear.

N.S.A and C.I.A chiefs are rightly scared and bothered by revelations that they have the technology to turn on your smart phone and listen to conversations,access all your texts and e mails and with pinpoint accuracy tell where you are in the world.

Snowden seems to be slightly out of kilter in our modern world because acts of unselfish bravery or to publish the truth and be damned are rare these days.I am not the only who applauds this honesty.Will like Philby Snowden end his days in exile,Probably,However as with Philby he says he has no regrets.I hope he can still say this in years to come.

Looking back at the N.S.A

Looking back at the N.S.A


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