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Its only game isnt it ?

October 13, 2015
Childhood memories

Childhood memories

This piece can only be written from my own personal and patriotic viewpoint.

I am Welsh and a supporter of Wales football team.Have been since 1977.Born in 1968.So its been quite a wait.Qualifying campaigns have come and gone,and walking away from stadiums with total disappointment has been replaced by this new feeling of……..optimism ? No not even that ………confidence,Where did that come from ??

A first group defeat in Bosnia coupled with a Cypriot win against Israel meant we were through.France 2016.Just across the channel.It cant get any better.

Domestic football milestones have come and gone………Cardiff in the premiership…….Cardiff at Wembley……Even Rochdale managed to get out of the bottom division.

We go to the Cardiff city stadium tonight to watch a celebration with unlucky Andorra playing a supporting role.Friends ive travelled with and relations will be there……its almost unbelievable.

Do we deserve it ?? Your damn right we do,More tears have been shed over Welsh football than a broken heart at a late night disco in Porth.

We are as one !  Viva Gareth Bale and Viva Wales 



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