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The fine art of surfacing is all but dead

October 22, 2015

Britain’s mining heritage is a long and exalted story.

That story is now nearing its conclusion.

The closure of Thoresby deep mine in Nottinghamshire ( Irony ? ) left  just one deep mine left in the U.K.

This has now closed with the final coal being brought up at Kellingley in Yorkshire.

An intereactive map that counts down from the eighties miners strike to now is shown here

It is a sobering experience to watch the lifeblood of our country and the communities affected tick away.

There is no going back,We have made our beds and must now lie in the uncomfortable mess in which theyve become.

Coal,Much like the attack on the remaining steel makers in this country today,was told……..your unprofitable.

Pick up the pace or theres no future.So they do this,But they can never compete with coal from South America or Steel from China,The market is balanced in their competitors favour.

Now we no longer make or produce coal or steel there is no going back,We are at the mercy of other countries.

John Bull is rolling in his grave.

Is this purely down to economic conditions or are other factors at play?

The feeling in a lot of areas where this has affected is that a lot of the decisions made are political.

Finding concrete proof of this is difficult articles like this,however will not go away

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