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Midweek walking in the South Wales Valleys

February 16, 2017

Walking is one of my passions.This for a few reasons.

1,There is a fitness aspect

2,I get to see new things,new places,new people.

3,It gets me out of the house and my dog,on days I sometimes dont feel like doing so.I always feel better afterwards.

The day started in my hometown of Pontypridd,For those who dont know it Or arent aware of it,Here it is

Its changed a fair bit in my lifetime,Not all for the better.

We walked northwards out of Pontypridd to join the Taff Trail northbound.

A lot of the trail as it suggests skirts the river Taff.We walked it from Pontypridd to Abercynon before heading up into the hills at Abercynon,Heading for our main attraction of the day the closed ( but open to walk ) Cefn Glas ( Quakers Yard ) railway tunnel.


After climbing down into the steep cutting we prepared to go into the tunnel west to east.

A fair amount of partial cave ins have occured.the railway ballast is still down and it is mainly dry inside though heavily flooded at both ends.I suggest not going alone or with adequate lighting.

After coming out of the eastern portal we then made our way to the former mining community of Penrhiwceiber and then a train back home.

A total of around 9 miles were covered and as can be seen the day afforded varied views.


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