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You’not alone ( Welsh football league division two ) 18/02/2017

February 18, 2017

A few years ago I made a concerted effort to start watching my hometown club play football ( Or try too around 3 years ago )

I love football ! Since about the age 9,Im currently 48.

Apart from the company of a good ( or bad ) woman football has without doubt been my near enough lifelong passion.

In that time I watched European finals,European championship finals,Cup finals,And games all across Europe.

Yet I found myself becoming more and more attracted to the success of Pontypridd Town.When I first started going regularly they nearly went out of the Welsh league which would therefore have finished my excitement before it had really got off the ground.

They didnt and theres been a regular improvement from then on in.So much so that we now sit third in division two as I write this.

Today we beat Pontardawe Town 3-1 in front of less than 50 supporters.

I felt slightly despondent at this yet it didnt matter enough for me and a few other hardly souls to celebrate as if we were Chelsea winning another title.We of course are better than that.

I get far more satisfaction seeing Pontypridd win 3-1 than Cardiff beating Rotherham 5-0 as happened today.

Theres a revolution happening in football,People are turning their backs on the money and dubious glitz and heading back to their roots………………Watch this space !


  1. Nice article mate

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