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Being stalked,not all its cracked up to be

February 21, 2017


This person is a very ex friend

To explain the story we,ll start at the beginning

I went to a Dexys Midnight Runners gig in Treorchy,South Wales roughly 4 years ago.

Me and my mate Rob met this person above and his brother .

Thinking I had met a kindred spirit we became good friends,However this person ( Phillip Price ) decided via facebook ( of course ) to befriend my actual friends and started treating them in a way that as if he had known them years and amongst other things sending them inappropriate personal messages ,some of a sexual nature.

After repeated warnings that the friendship would end it was terminated by me.

This is where things really started getting nasty ( for me )

I was told what would happen before it did for shunning this person.And how my name would be slandered

Amongst other things I have been accused of Robbing a charity #MIND

I walked 220 miles for last year,fraudulently gaining my history degree,Beating up ex partners,lying about childhood abuse,phonecalls made to the DSS claiming I am working.

And various hateful messages left on my just giving page,My University of South Wales posts and regular jibes about my mental health and medication.

Il tell you folks being stalked aint no joke.

I feel my actions are being watched and anything I do will be commented on or have some accusation thrown at it

South Wales Police have been informed three times ( each time promising action )

I think if I wasn’t a 6,4 ,48 year old male and maybe a smaller female he wouldn’t now be walking the streets.





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