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An independent state of football

February 25, 2017

Pontypridd Town 2 Cwmamman United 1

This is my hometown …………..this is my club

Pontypridd like many other towns in the South Wales valleys has seen better times.


Sport has always been a big deal round our way,that and music.

Life in the mines and steelworks was tough,and recreation time valued.

Hence the plethora of sports clubs ,rugby,football,cricket amongst others.

Rugby has been the predominant sport historically.

However something special happened in 2016,Wales football team reached a major finals for the first time since 1958


After spending a lot of my summer in the South of France ( tough times )

Watching Wales get to the semi finals of Euro 2016 confidence was high for the forthcoming season.In particular it was optimism for an influx of fans who had been caught up with the football bug.

This doesnt yet seem to have translated down to W.P.L or Welsh League clubs.

Come on down ! its football,its exciting,its grass roots,its getting off your arse and switching sky sports off and sharing a football experience that Chelsea on a super sunday just cant give you.

Where else can you hear Teenage fan club pre match ?

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