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Last night a football club saved my life ( from a broken heart ).

March 19, 2017

The 3 musketeers from Pontypridd arrive at Gelli Park,Home to AFC Porth

Welsh League Division 2

AFC Porth 2 Pontypridd Town 2

Due to Wales playing in France ( chase the egg ) at the same time a sparse crowd was present.

However they were to witness a good solid local derby where passion sometimes over took skill.

Pontypridd will be the happier of the 2 sides equalising at the death.

Coming from watching my country ( wales ) in the euro 2016 finals.

Watching my local team has really rekindled my love for the game .

Watching Cardiff City had become like a visit to and old pub you once enjoyed visiting regularly that had been redeveloped.

The shell intact but everything else including clientele changed.

Its not for everyone but its right for me.

And I’m not alone 😉



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  1. Hello Les,yes I write quite a few fanzine articles.
    I’m also published as a historian.
    The spirit of 1958 is alive and kicking !

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply!
    Please send copies of your printed to work to
    We look forward to your response!
    Kind regards
    Lesley Bell.

  3. nice one phillip,see you soon

  4. Just to reiterate.
    I’m pretty sure its you Phillip.
    Due to the nature of your posts.
    Havent you had enough visits off the police ?
    Having a go at my grammar really gave you away.
    Your I.P address is being tracked and as soon as I get an address you will of course be reported to the police for being in breach of your conditions of not contacting me.
    We both know this is your only avenue of contact.
    In fact so do the police 😉
    Because you reported my post on stalking.
    What a twat you are.

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